About Maddie Leigh

In 1954, the hit tune Rock Around the Clock made Bill Haley a King of Rock & Roll. But did you know that his first musical title was Silver Yodeling Bill?  Well,  singer/songwriter Maddie Leigh did.  You see, Maddie grew up listening to country music and was particularly drawn to the dynamic sounds of yodeling in songs like Cowboy Sweetheart and Little Lady Who. So when she began formal voice lessons, her teacher wisely incorporated her love of yodeling into her warm-up exercises.

Years later, Maddie Leigh is a world class yodeler and one of country music’s hottest rising stars.

Maddie has spent most of her life on the west coast. But a childhood of riding horses, fishing, and a deep love of God & the U.S. of A. says she’s always been a country girl at heart.  Country music speaks to her soul, and she has aspirations to join the ranks of her idols, Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride. And like those country superstars, she aims to use her music to create a positive impact on society.

Nashville VIPs have already taken note of Maddie’s unique and powerful sound, which charms with its nods to both the past and the future of the genre.

Her debut single, “Wishing” was released in early 2016 and her follow up singles, “Some will call it love,” and “Just your kind of girl” released toward the end of the year. Her latest single climbing the country charts, “Boys Aren’t Like That Anymore” was released May 2018.

In 2016, Maddie Leigh won several awards in the West Coast Country Music Association Music Awards, including Female Entertainer of the Year. She played at NAMM 2017, Tin Roof in Nashville, Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tin Roof San Diego, The Merc in Temecula, The San Diego County Fair, Lestat’s West Music Venue and many other venues throughout Southern California, the West Coast and Nashville. In August 2017 she opened the Oregon Jamboree Festival for Tucker Beathard and Jason Aldean.  She was also featured on 95.1 K-Frog and 97.3 KSON and CBS News 8 San Diego on the Zevely Zone.

Please visit www.maddieleighofficial.com to learn more about this amazing young artist.